1. Bullet For more information, contact Kami Marsh, kmarsh@uaex.edu

  1. Bullet Trees are a critical component of the infrastructure of the City of Conway. Just as streets, sidewalks, sewers, civic buildings, and park and recreational facilities are all principle elements of a community, so are publicly owned trees. Community trees - collectively known as its urban forest - are important assets that require the same care and maintenance as other items of public property.

  2. Bullet Urban growth in the City of Conway has been unprecedented over the last fifteen years. While much of this new development has contributed to a better quality of life for most, it has also adversely affected our local environment in a number of ways. For example, in our urbanized areas, summer temperatures are higher than in the surrounding tree-dense countryside, therefore increasing our level of energy consumption and our electric bills! Air pollution problems become more concentrated, contributing to respiratory disorders and the need for Central Arkansas Ozone Action Days. The local landscape is increasingly covered with impervious surfaces such as parking lots and buildings, dramatically decreasing stormwater saturation. This increases the likelihood of flooding even during moderate rain events.

It might surprise you to learn that trees can help solve all of these problems.

One of the easiest ways to improve our urban environment is through the planting and proper care of trees. You can help by participating hands-on in your own yard and neighborhood, or simply supporting your local urban forestry program. Our community trees are working 24 hours a day to improve our environment and enhance our quality of life!

  1. Bullet Conway became a Tree City USA in 2007 through the Arbor Day Foundation, thanks to the vision, dedication, and effort of our city leaders and many volunteers. To learn more about the benefits the Tree City USA award, click the image to the right.

  1. Bullet The City of Conway Tree Board was established in order to receive and maintain the Tree City USA designation. Click the image on the right for the Tree Board mission statement.

  1. Bullet Arbor Day is celebrated in Conway once a year in the Fall. Did you know that Arbor Day originated in Nebraska in 1872? To learn the interesting history of Arbor Day, click the image to the right!